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Pouranic Ayurveda (weight loss)

This is one of the best herbal pouranic ayurveda products for losing weight, this also helps in controlling blood cholesterol and high blood pressure, easy to take provides effective digestion and assimilation of food. Due to excessive dieting or any other reason people who feel tired and weak due to loss of strength may drink this herbal tea for weight loss and gaining energy. You can lose your weight through this product naturally and support normal functioning without producing any harmful effects

Benefits Of Divya Motapa Nashak Kwath Herbal Tea
  • People who are overweight or excess in weight must have this herbal drink herbal everyday to get rid of heavy weight.
  • You may take it daily in morning for best results.
  • Divya Motapa Nashak Kwath Herbal Tea is beneficial to cure digestive dysfunctions.
  • It increases the basal metabolic rate and helps to control digestive processes.
  • Divya Motapa Nashak Kwath Herbal Tea works in quick burning of fat molecules and also enhanced energy to perform daily activities.
  • This Kwath herbal tea can be taken by anyone as It is safe and may be taken by people of all ages. Even children can drink this tea for losing weight.
  • Divya Motapa Nashak Kwath Herbal Tea also controls blood cholesterol level. Usually People who are fat are prone to suffer from heart diseases. This tea is the best preventive remedy for heart problems.
  • Divya Motapa Nashak Kwath Herbal Tea also eliminates harmful toxic elements from the food and helps in detoxification which in turn gives you full strength

Available for All Ages 1 Months Course

Price - 1500 Rs (All India Free Home Delivery)

Available for All Ages 2 Months Course

Price - 2600 Rs (All India Free Home Delivery)

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